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Please use a NON School email address. Most school servers will block emails coming through if they see bulk emails being sent at the same time and you won't have full access to all of the materials in the online AK Club!

AK club is here to help in many ways. Far too many times I've seen AK clubs at chiropractic colleges struggle. There are a lot of reasons for this and this website is an attempt at helping to solve those issues. 

Many times AK Club is run by students who are well intentioned and love AK. Often times they either have limited course experience themselves or don't yet have the mastery level to truly explain techniques and thought processes to new comers in the club. Its no fault of their own. They are doing the best they can, and obviously do not have their Diplomate in AK just yet. They wouldn't be expected to have a mastery of the information yet. 

This can unfortunately lead to the appearance of an AK Club that is less than organized, confusing and frustrating to those truly interested in learning more. 

My name is Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN. I teach the 100 hour certification course in Applied Kinesiology to doctors and student all over the world. Seeing this disconnect too many times between AK Club and the 100 hour course, I thought it would be prudent to offer some of my clinical expertise and make it available for all AK clubs around the country to take advantage of a cohesive, organized and structured AK Club curriculum. one that is easy to follow, practical, and explained in a way that might be a little easier to follow and offer a little less confusion about what the right answers are. 

More importantly, this site will help guide AK students in the thought processes to be a great diagnostician and clinician. I'll have real case examples and help you think through them. I'll discuss techniques that can be understood, grounded in the science and applied immediately. best part it, see the results immediately as well. 

While I'm in the midst of developing this learning library for you, sign up for the Free membership to the site and start off with the 10 part video series: Debunking The Top Ten Myths About Applied Kinesiology. 

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